Geometry Dash Meltdown Game Download

logoWilling to have a new adventure by playing with spikes and monsters?  Get ready to download Geometry Dash Meltdown which is filled with a lot of monsters and spikes than ever before. Be prepared to flex your figure while jumping, flying, and flipping your way in spiky obstacles and dark caverns.

This rhythm-based Geometry Dash Meltdown game is filled with a lot of actions and fights against your enemies along with over 2 levels. Enjoy music while playing from F-777. You are free to customize the characters come with this game. Customizing can be done through unlocking unique and amazing designed icons and colors. Enjoy flying rockets, flipping gravity and much more. This is a game that will force you to sit at your computer for hours as the levels and achievements aren’t only hard, but also interesting.

Geometry Dash Meltdown Game

Before you enter the Geometry Dash Meltdown game in real, you have the option to make some practice, for this, you can choose practice mode thus enjoy opportunities to sharpen your gaming, thrilling, and adventuring skills.

The game is not only downloadable but also possible to be played online due to a particular design considered by the developers. The characters are customizable and your taste and likeness make a decision regarding customizing the characters.

Only the mouse or key buttons are used to play this game. So, no higher skills of gaming are needed, however, you need to have a full command of using your mouse and keyboard.

Besides, you will need to dodge the obstacles by jumps according to the situation and for this timing is required to set carefully. You can’t move on to the next level until the previous one is finished.

After enjoying the free version and being familiar with it, you can opt for the paid one to access more features and levels. But, before being familiar with unpaid version, choosing paid is not recommended. Once you get ready to spend about $2 and enjoy more levels, obstacles, and features along with more extra characters.

Practice Mode – Geometry Dash Meltdown

 geometrydashmeltdown-practise-modePractice mode is a feature of this game which is specially designed for the players who are just entered without any prior experience. This way helps to understand the layouts, levels, and how to achieve the targets overcoming the obstacles and hurdles. On the contrary of real mode, you are not forced to start the game from the beginning in the instance of some crashes instead you are free to place some checkpoints marking with green gems.

Recording of the progress in practice mode is available, but it’s placed separately from the real mode. Besides, you won’t be awarded standard levels to find the secret coins and stars. However, it offers other achievements and they would be unlocked as usual.

If you open the practice mode on your mobile device, consider using appeared button on the screen to tap. With those buttons, you can place or remove the checkpoints with yandere simulator. However, on steam, Z and X keys are used in this regard. So, press the Z key to place the checkpoint whilst X key is designed to remove it.

If you enable practice mode the song will be changed automatically to Stay Inside me by OcularNeBula. The soundtrack won’t be changed even during crashes. In a case of a crash, the practice mode will be re-enabled within one second, however; you can enable it faster if you choose fast practice reset option.

Supported systems

The minimum operating systems required to play Geometry Dash Meltdown is Android 2.3.3. When you download it will take you no more than five minutes if your established internet connection has good downloading speed. Usually, it takes about 10 minutes to download on the systems run at medium or lower internet speed.

Although, you will see some ads while playing but it shouldn’t be a big issue especially when you are enjoying such a great and thrilling game.

Nothing in terms of higher skills is required in order to enjoy this game. Just tap the screen to start jumping, flipping, or flying over the spikes. You have to cross all the obstacles and other monsters. Some stars and coins are involved here in playing and you need to collect them. Some graphics are included to guide you rather that being instructed by words. Three amazing levels are designed named The Seven Seas, Airborne Robots, and Viking Arena.

Geometry Dash Meltdown Features

While playing, some background music is played which is a techno beat. The game is not so easy to play, so you have to make some practice using its practice mode. Although paid version of this game is available on the internet, it’s recommended to have some good time over playing the free version. Once you get some experience of playing the free one, you can shift to the paid one to maximize the experience. If you don’t like to see ads while playing I would like to suggest the paid at first as it comes with no advertisements and no embrace to click unwanted ads.

Additional Properties:

  • It’s very simple, plate former and quick-paced game with overwhelming soundtracks.
  • The audio designed is epic and thus encourages you to move on while playing and achieving the levels.
  • You are free to sync the actions you perform with the music that is being played in the background.
  • It helps you boost your gaming skills in order to have some experience to play other online and offline games.
  • More levels and adventures are included in the paid version missed in the free one.
  • With the help of some experience, you get from the free version; you can be able to win all three levels along with three coins.

Levels in Geometry Dash Meltdown

With three levels, it became more enjoyable to the players especially, when time to finish comes closer.  It has three levels and the first is called The Seven Sea. Although, by naming it is considered first, but when we talk in terms of easy to difficult, the classification may differ.

By name, this level looks that some water views are involved, and it’s true. But, it’s something more than just water scenes. It resembles castle walls as well, so you can imagine it is castle themed as it could be considered water themed. Multiple blocks are there to overcome. Some contrasting cube along with ship segments are there to be enjoyed more fun than ever in the old versions, thus, moving new objects with amazing decorated details can be experienced.

Intricately decorated sections are featured at this level, but the difficult part is just designing, not handling. A player can easily play with moving blocks as well as easy jump sequences. It contains simple ship sections too to make the player stay mostly in the middle.

Secret coins


They refer to the specific collectible coins in Geometry Dash Meltdown. They were introduced and presented in update 1.6. Their role is to unlock new coins while achieving the goals during play.

Obtaining the secret coins

There are few ways to obtain them and each way needs to be chosen correctly. They are hidden in each level, and can be found after completing each successfully. Remember, you can’t collect them at once. Also, they can be collected upon completing map packs and as the result; you may get one or two secret coins. A word Sparky would be needed to get such coins and this action may be required while achieving the level somewhere.

Once you collect any secret coin, it would be replaced by another outline containing white color. You may attempt many times in order to collect a single secret coin. There are over 140 secret coins and all can be obtained at different moments. Sixty is available at official levels. Map packs contain about 80 whilst 1 can be obtained from the Vault. Just one secret coin is available to pick in Coming Soon screen.

Secret coins only can be obtained while playing in real; so if you try to find them during enjoying practice mode, you may disappoint.  One secret coin that is available to pick in the Coming Soon screen is helpful to unlock the achievement called Master Detective Achievement whereas the Vault segment containing the coin, is a key to unlock the Thief achievement.

Geometry Dash Meltdown Levels

The Seven Seas

This specific level is named The Seven Seas because of having seven levels and a segment representing a sea. In order to complete this level, 1 minutes and 40 seconds may be required along with 83 jumps. This is the only level of the game in which no need to use the keys in order to unlock coins. In this particular level, you will hear a complete song presented and written by F-777.

Viking Arena

Viking Arena is the second level which was introduced during the update 2.0. Mostly magma and fire theme is included in this level due to the maximum fire and torches involvement. It features complex and decorative cube and ship areas along with many monsters and objects that move fast.

In Geometry Dash, Viking arena is the only level that comes with many dangerous scenes and deadlocks. About 50 jumps are required to complete this specific level and the potential time it consumes is 1:24. F-777 again comes with the newest audio track to enjoy. Several monsters made the level more horrible while chasing the characters.

Airborne Robotsairborn-robots

Airborne Robots is the final and third level of Geometry Dash Meltdown. This level is considered as the hardest level among three major levels. Upon completion, the player is awarded three stars. You can use jump rings either using this toughest level. It was introduced during the update 2.0 and the theme designed here is like a factory. It includes some challenging cube areas with good decorative detail. Enjoy a fair, simple, and awesome ship segments as well as some challenging ball areas along with several moving objects.

Secret coins and Airborne Robots

The secret coins are located at 25%, 66%, and 98%. The first secret coin located at 25% can be collected during the 1st cube segment. A platform having the green lock is there which will lower to collect the key at 17%.

The second secret coin located at 66% is available to collect during the ship sequence. Near the third pillar, you will find a path leading you to the coin located.

The third secret coin located at 98% is possible to collect during the last cube sequence. When you hit the jump ring, you will see another jump ring that was not visible on the top. You just need to tap at the right time and it will lead you to go on another alternative path that is placed on the normal route. There finally you will have to jump to collect the coin.

Completing Airborne Robots level requires over 1 minute along with a minimum 110 jumps. This level contains the last and latest secret coin so obviously, it may require more effort, skills, and experience to achieve. Ball sequence comes with this level only, so be prepared to face extra challenges that were not seen in the previous 2 levels.

You may think some robots would work here due to the existence of word robot in the name of this level, but it’s wrong. No robots are involved here in order to complete the level and you will need to work manually to achieve each segment. However, ship section may confuse you in this regard because it is technically airborne so don’t consider it totally non-robot.

Songs associated with all levels

If you liked the songs played while achieving the levels and finishing the tasks, and want to listen to them offline on your local computer without playing the game, consider downloading from various sites offering the paid albums. Such songs can be converted into several formats including mp3 if your device doesn’t support the downloaded format.

Sounds good? If you have any question regarding its levels or achievements don’t hesitate to ask.